hello and welcome

I love to draw.
I am an artist living in Billings, MT. After finishing my MFA in California I moved here to live with my husband, who is also an artist. We own our own business and have spent a lot of time building an art studio downtown. We offer printmaking workshops and I teach weekly drawing classes to the public at present.

I am using this blog to share with you what is happening right now in my own studio space. This will help me flush out ideas and I think you will benefit from watching my personal process unfold. Plus I think many of the "How To Do Art" books that are out there do not emphasize what this process is really like. It is usually (for me) a place where things do not work out the first time. Often I feel at my most creative when I have to figure out how to start again and again.

The plan is to post weekly pictures of the work and add commentary about the ideas and thoughts about my process. You are my community. I believe it is important for us to stay connected. So much of my work happens when I am alone and this blog is a way of sharing my life and knowledge with you. However, if you choose to unsubscribe. Please do.